Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Longoria and hubby too square to film their lovemaking!

Actress Eva Longoria has laughed off reports of her sex tape scandal with hubby Tony Parker, insisting that they are "too square" to film themselves in bed.
Longoria has revealed that there is a spoof sex tape instead, which she filmed with comedian Perry Hilton for website
The actress insisted that she and her husband are very boring people, so there is no chance of filming themselves making love.
"Everybody was calling me (when the story broke) going, 'Oh my God," Contactmusic quoted Longoria, as saying.
"We never made a tape... We're very square, boring people," she added.
However, the Desperate Housewives star asserted that her online spoof film is really funny. It features the actress poking fun at her hit TV show while bouncing around on a bed in her lingerie.
"It's like the non-sex video because we don't have sex... It's so funny... Tony thought it was so freakin' hilarious... But it's a skit," she said.